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Occupy DaytonOccupy Dayton

Occupy Wall Street holds rally in downtown Dayton

by Laura Englehart

More than 50 people lined Main Street in downtown Dayton on Wednesday to rally against greed and corruption in Corporate America.

The group, billed as “Occupy Dayton,” was spawned by the organizers of Occupy Wall Street, the protest movement that led to ongoing protests and mass arrests in and around Wall Street in New York City. Occupy Wall Street is a grassroots effort to call attention to practices in corporate America, though protests push a diverse agenda.

The Dayton protesters chanted slogans, handed out flyers and held up signs in a peaceful rally.

Vernellia Randall of Dayton held a sign that said, “eliminate racism” and called for job creation. She said the government should tax the rich at 50 percent of their income.

“I’m old enough to remember when we did tax the rich at 50 percent in the 1950s,” Randall said.

Meanwhile, Lara Bauer of Yellow Springs stood next to a sign that proclaimed, “We are the 99 percent,” a popular movement slogan that plays on numbers that show 1 percent of Americans possess more wealth than the bottom 90 percent. The 99 percent are those without that wealth who want change, Bauer said.

“We have power when we all get together,” she said.

This was the first of two protests set for Dayton’s Courthouse Square, according to the group’s local Facebook page. A second protest is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 8, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m..

The groups involved in the protests have set up a Web site at that lists dozens of smaller protests it says are sprouting up throughout the country, including in Ohio. Among the other Ohio cities listed for protests in Ohio are Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and Youngstown.

Sunday’s protests on the Brooklyn Bridge led to more than 700 arrests and the protests are starting to grow around the country.

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source: Occupy Wall Street holds rally in downtown Dayton – Dayton Business Journal

Over 100 demonstrators join ‘Occupy Dayton’ rally

Protesters say they share views of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ activists.

By John Nolan

DAYTON — Demonstrators allying themselves with protesters around the country who say they are fed up with corporate greed and perceived government indifference to Americans who aren’t wealthy and powerful, rallied Saturday on Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton.

At least 100 people, a few of whom wore Halloween-style masks, carried signs and chanted. They cheered when motorists driving past on Main Street honked in apparent support.

Several of the Dayton protesters said they are angry that none of the Wall Street personnel who marketed securities containing failing mortgages that contributed to the nation’s housing industry and financial crisis in recent years have been criminally prosecuted.

“Those are the very guys who got us into the financial crisis in the first place,” said Ed Cobb, a protester from Dayton.

“They knew what was coming,” Matt McCormick, of Beavercreek, said of the Wall Street financiers who designed and marketed financial securities that were sold on the marketplace and caused problems for banks and other buyers.

The Dayton protesters, calling themselves “Occupy Dayton,” said they had a common theme with the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators who have staged rallies in New York City in recent weeks. The Dayton demonstrators chanted “we are the 99 percent,” a reference to the general claim of the New York protesters that 1 percent of the nation’s populace, including wealthy and powerful figures, are causing problems for 99 percent of Americans.

Demonstrators in Cincinnati staged a similar rally on Saturday.

source: Over 100 demonstrators join Occupy Dayton rally

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