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Occupy TrentonOccupy Trenton

Protests take to road, it’s Occupy Trenton

TRENTON — About 50 protesters staged a rally across the street from the Statehouse in support of the three-week-old Occupy Wall Street demonstration, one of many across the country Thursday.

In downtown Jersey City, about 75 people linked arms in front of the Goldman Sachs building as workers in suits and ties peered down at protesters who were chanting; “This is what democracy looks like!’’ and “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Goldman Sachs has got to go!”

And the first day of Occupy Philadelphia, that city’s version of a protest against Wall Street and the wealthy that started Sept. 17 in Manhattan, began – more like a street party for all ages than a political demonstration. Participants carried signs and swapped stories about how the economy is damaging their lives.

The Trenton protesters said they were not disappointed by the turnout, small in comparison with the thousands who have kept the New York event alive.

“There’s nothing wrong with one person standing out here speaking their voice. Everyone needs to be heard, whether it’s 1 or 1,000,” said Toms River resident David Discenza, whose family’s two-earner income can’t keep up with health care costs. “You have to speak up for what you believe in.”

The leader of the Trenton rally, Heath Weaver, also of Toms River, said she planned to stay in the city until Monday by camping out with a sleeping bag and some food items, and relying on books and needlework for recreation.

Weaver kicked off the event by asking each member of the group to list their gripes. She went first.

“I’ve never actually been to a protest before,” Weaver told the others. “I just showed up. At least I’ve got a loud voice. Somebody sent me a link from Occupy Wall Street, and people have been talking about corporate greed, and not being happy with their voice in government, and a long list of things. They see different groups fighting against each other and not getting anything done.”

Sue Walker, a self-employed massage therapist from Lawrence, said millions of Americans are struggling economically.

source: Protests take to road, it’s Occupy Trenton | The Asbury Park Press |

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