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Occupy TempeOccupy Tempe

‘Occupy Tempe’ Protesters Gather on Mill

TEMPE, Ariz. – A few dozen demonstrators showed up in Tempe Saturday afternoon for an Arizona version of “Occupy Wall Street” protests, and their message was the same as everyone else’s – they want our nation’s damaged economy fixed.

A cry of solidarity could be heard for miles as valley residents readied to “Occupy Tempe” and kick corporate America out.

The group gathered at the intersection of Mill Avenue and University Drive for a street action to raise awareness — a peaceful protest they hope will bring about change.

They had no political affiliation and no hidden agenda.

They said their only goal was to use their voices to make enough noise for someone to hear them and help them break away from corporate America.

They’re fed up with people losing their jobs and their homes.

Next Friday, protestors will march downtown at the Civic Park, and the next day, they plan to occupy Cesar Chavez Plaza.

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source: ‘Occupy Tempe’ Protesters Gather on Mill

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