2856 E. Gary St. Mesa AZ Foreclosure

2856 E. Gary St. Mesa AZ2856 E. Gary St. Mesa AZ Foreclosure

The RV gate is beyond deceptive, because there is only 100 square feet behind it. Also the pool, which has been partial drained is more like a swamp than crystal clear. This home has been in foreclosure for two years, with one attempt at a short sale which was unsuccessful. A third lien on the roof top air-conditioner for 7k could not be negotiated.

The owners who still occupy the property, could not get a loan modification, or could find out who actually owns the note to this property because the original note has been resold by M&T Bank to Country Wide which was bought by BofA.  Along the way bundled into a MBS to who knows what investors around the world. So A clear title is impossible to produce.

Numerous cracks throughout the house indicate a weak foundation.

zillow listing 2856 E. Gary St. Mesa AZ

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