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occupy phoenix naming rightsOccupy Phoenix Naming Rights

So I went on down to the demonstration, to get my fare share of abuse.

by Kevin Matovina

And since I live in Mesa, and the demonstration was downtown, I decided to take the light rail through Tempe. As I passed Wells Fargo Arena on campus, it struck me that corporate greed which is what I was going to protest, is there, right on the front of the arena. Corporations spend in the 10’s of millions to stick their names on facilities all over this country. And yet they can’t afford to hire any of these students that go to these high-priced colleges and universities.

A ban or boycott on events at these facilities would be a good first step in getting the names changed back, so the money could be used for hiring new college grads or the 17 million unemployed.

And since when does banking have anything to do with sports.

source: Corporate Sponsorships of Stadiums and Other Institutions Don’t Always Pay Off


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