Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Arizona Medical Marijuana Grow House Co-op

Arizona Medical Marijuana Grow House Co-op

Arizona Medical Marijuana Grow House Co-op

Medical marijuana and profit are three words that will land you in the big house. So if we take the profit out of the sale of medical marijuana and put it into the real estate used to grow the medical marijuana, we have solved two problems that exist in Arizona today.

Properties in foreclosure, falling home prices, and lack of demand are just some of the reasons, real estate in Arizona is in a free fall. A solution to the problem should be the (temporary) change of use for a residential property.

Medical Marijuana at current market value is about $200.00 an ounce. Patients can have one caregiver (grower) sell them up to 5 ounces per month under current Arizona law. Patients must designate a caregiver before the caregiver can legally grow for that patient. The designated caregiver can have up to 5 patients they can grow for. Which translates into a revenue stream of up to $5,000.00 per month per caregiver. By growing the limit of 12 plants per patient, a grower/caregiver would need space for 60 plants. 60 plants would need 4 sq ft per plant which translates into approx. 250 sq ft.

So, 10 growers could occupy a 2,500 sq ft home, and generate 50,000 in revenue per month. A home for sale @ $250,000 would be paid off in under 6 months. Once the home is owned by the co-op, the co-op could purchase another property, while renting space in the first house to other growers. Or new growers could be added to the purchase of sequential properties.

The expense of electricity can be reduced significantly by installing solar panels.

Properties could be held or sold based on market conditions. Properties could be converted back to residential use, as new properties enter the portfolio.

If you are a registered caregiver/grower with the state of Arizona, or would like to be and are interested in becoming a co-op owner in a grow house,

contact: taoist25@hotmail w/ GROWER/CAREGIVER as subject.

10 qualified persons can get this opportunity off the ground.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program Rules & Statutes

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