Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Occupy Oakland Shuts Down Port of Oakland

Angela_Davis Occupy Oakland Shuts Down Port of OaklandOccupy Oakland Shuts Down Port of Oakland

Now anything is possible.

As I sit in Mesa Arizona watching live streaming from a guy with a laptop and a video recorder walking past 10,000 people closing down the Port of Oakland, I can’t help but think there is a revolution going on in the world.

The guy and his recorder are narrating and recording the shut down live to the world. He states that approx. 6000 people worldwide are watching his feed. And he also states that his battery is running down. With only 45 minutes left on the battery he walks down to end of the port, where most of the crowd present at that terminal biked in,(the port has many terminals).

He is asked by a bystander who owns the port, he answers Bloomberg owns it.

The last minutes of his broadcast are of an organizer telling the people not to let any trucks leave with cargo, but to let any employees leave in their cars(without cargo).  The truckers are cooperating, as evidenced by this videographers’ walk thru a line of trucks which were covered with protesters.

Angela Davis kicked off the protest with a speech this morning.

The Port of Oakland is open 24/7, except when its not…

source: Live Streaming Feed Occupy Oakland

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