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New Orleans Film FestivalNew Orleans Film Festival Documentary

Oil Spill Documentary a Highlight of the New Orleans Film Festival

by Emma Summers

One of the main selections from this year’s New Orleans Film Festival will be highlighted by the showing of upcoming Gulf Oil Spill documentary The Big Fix. The 22nd annual film festival itself took place in the last week of October, with over 180 films showing. The event served to get the locals out of New Orleans apartments and houses, and into the movie theaters.

The Big Fix was one of the major showcases for the festival as it premiered to great reviews on the opening night of the festival. The film features major actors Amy Smart and Peter Fonda, as well as original music provided throughout the movie by acclaimed artist Jason Mraz.

Attendees at the festival warmed up to the documentary quickly after the initial showing on opening night. Much of the basis of the movie is based off the director, Josh Tickell’s feelings that government issues allowed the spill to occur in the first place. It also focuses on telling the story of how the government continues to let the responsible companies off rather easy, especially during the cleanup phase of the oil spill.

Josh Tickell and Rebecca Tickell use the documentary to help uncover a long line of corruption within the government. It also helps to show the secret power that explores profit over all other human needs and in the process, causing major disasters such as the Gulf Oil Spill. The filmmakers believe the government issues to be a direct cause of the seven million liters of chemical that has been spread throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

The movie does a great job of going all the way back to BP relations in Iran, including fights with Standard Oil and a timeline up to today’s events with the company. The film essentially points out that the state of Louisiana is overrun by oil interests because of continued influence from elected officials throughout the state.

The film does not just simply point fingers at BP; instead it goes deep into research of the issues that are believed to be behind the oil spill. It is great journalism that spotlights not only corporate greed, but also corruption from a government level that has served to cover up major issues.

There will be exclusive screenings of The Big Fix at New Orleans’ Chalmette Movies theater beginning in November. On the fourth of the month, the documentary will be showing twice a day at both 2pm and 7pm for interested parties. The Big Fix is certain to have an interesting and thought provoking stance on the oil spill, especially for those who have great passion on the events. Any chance to get out and see this documentary would be a great experience.

source: New Orleans Film Society

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