Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Elements Caregiver Collective Grand Opening

Elements Caregiver Collective

Elements Caregiver Collective Grand Opening

The Elements Difference

State of the Art Technology
The heart of the Elements system is its SmartVend™ technology. Through
the proprietary POS software system, the Cannabis is dispensed by a
state of the art refrigerated vending machine in sealed airtight cans. You
never have to worry that what you want is what you will receive. 

Benefits of Membership
All patients must join Elements Caregiver Collective in order to enjoy the
benefits of the collective.  Elements Caregiver Collectives have Bronze,
Silver and Gold monthly membership packages that offer significant benefits
for their members.  In addition, patients can get a day membership pass
which enables them to enjoy the benefit of the collective for one day.  Be
sure to stop into a collective to find out the benefits of membership. 

Quality Control and Selection
Patient Safety is a priority at any Elements Caregiver Collective. All
Collectives will offer its members with a   minimum of 15 unique strains of
Cannabis with the 100% QUALITY  Seal of Certification. 
The seal confirms that the Cannabis will  have been  grown by our
experienced caregivers and has been  quality control tested by an
independent licensed lab, and is  stored at the optimal temperature 
of 62 degrees, insuring freshness for you. 

Every Elements transaction is a cashless transaction.  No cash is, or can
be accepted by staff, ever.  The patient deposits any cash into a remotely
locked loading station that is serviced by armored security guards. In
addition, all collectives are equipped with real time security cameras
that are remotely monitored as well as silent alarms.  No expense has
been spared to ensure that our patients and employees are safe and
secure in an Elements Caregiver Collective

Patient Confidentiality
All Elements collectives maintain proprietary software that record each
transaction, maintain patient confidentiality records, and utilize biometric
safeguards and electronic signature verification. No fear that any
unauthorized person can use your card, thereby jeopardizing your eligibility!

Patient Education
Elements is dedicated to patient education.  We want to ensure that you
receive the correct cannabis to address your illness.  In addition, all
members receive access to several seminars and educational sessions
offered by industry professionals. 

Community Outreach
Elements Collectives “adopt an illness” every month and the educational
focus is on that illness.  Up to 10% of all proceeds are donated to a
charitable organization representing the patients afflicted with the illness.
In addition, the collective provides membership to low-income patients
afflicted with the adopted illness at a nominal charge.  

Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff
Since the collection of cash and the vending of the cannabis is automated,
our staff’s focus is on making the membership as comfortable and
rewarding as possible for our patients.  When you enter the collective,,
you will be greeted in a warm, inviting retail location, by a uniformed,
professional staff of budtenders. 

Water/Tea/Oxygen Bar
Health and Wellness needs to be achieved in many forms.  At the
Elements Caregiver Collective, you will find a fully stocked water, herbal tea
and oxygen bar.  Try samples of any of the waters and learn about
the therapeutic effects.  Check with the staff to find out if pure oxygen is recommended for your illness. 

Full Line of Accessories and Medibles
At the Elements Caregiver Collective, you will find a one-stop shop of
competitively priced papers, pipes, vaporizers and accessories as well as
the PURE BLISS Premium Medibles line.  Once you’re a patient of an
Elements Caregiver Collective, you won’t have to go anywhere  else
for your medical cannabis needs.

GRAND OPENING REGISTRATION! Sunday November 13, 2011 – 11:00 am-4:00 pm 12620 N. Cave Creek Rd. (Cave Creek North of Cactus) Phoenix, AZ PLEASE INCLUDE NUMBER OF PEOPLE ATTENDING, PHONE NUMBER AND CITY

source: AZ MMJ Dispensary  featuring state of the art technology, professional staff and certified cannabis

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