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Bp Stroke

Gypsy Gina

by Gypsy Gina



I will take this as far as it could reach, if need be.

My husband had invested much of his life to commercial fishing, always investing our hard earnings back into our business to have a nice home, to send our children to better schools, and school functions is a must with my husband, and I. We owe our lives to the Gulf of Mexico with its plentiful oysters, shrimp, and crabs to live upon, and to sell to our community consumers. My husband served our country as a Marine for four years, but that was years ago.

I just want to let you know what a great husband and father he is, as well as a great person he his to our community, and state. He was on the water about to go fish for craps, but with so much stress that came with the Bp oil spill he had a stroke on his sons birthdate Aaron DeRouen 3/16/1990.

Bp has to know how they are making the commercial fishermen starve to take the $25,000.00. Bp has our paper work, and the information needed to at least give us an intern payment, but Bp never helped us at all. Bp must know with a 50ft oyster vessel, crab vessel with 400 traps are just for there looks. Why would Bp ever have a question about the payment if our family has these vessels in our own back yard? Our family are now on food stamps, and getting little help from the church. We own a 50 foot oyster vessel, crab vessel with about 400 trips that we live on to pay our bills, but the spill has made the waters baron with no seafood to support our families living.

Can you see now how my husband had his stroke?

I will call it a Bp stroke!

We never called an attorney yet, because we thought that would hold up any payment we might have received, but this is my husband! How can you do this to a family? Oh, and never mind about the main issue of people working at Popeye’s that receive money.

Where are their vessels? or 504-682-0379. A very upset wife of a fishermen.

UPDATE:  I have spoken to an assistant at BP  He gave me the information about getting blood test looking for VOC.  I have made my husband go to our Doctor here in St. Bernard parish to do the test.  I will email this site when the results come back.  I thought it was stress, but now I see that this is the outcome of the oil spill.

Thank you for this blog.


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