Oil Spill Jobs

We are currently looking for contributing bloggers.

Business owners, enviromental activists, individuals who live in the Gulf Coast region are welcome to contact:

Kevin Matovina

Site Admin.


4 Responses to Oil Spill Jobs

  1. Gene Allen Weaver says:

    I live in Sumter, S.C. and I was told that there might be some cleanup jobs availabity in Louisanna. I would be very interested in these jobs if they are any opening or anywhere else for that matter. I am out of work and willing to work hard. My phone number is 803-565-8271 looking forward to hearing from you. Hope to hear from you soon. If any job available could I have some information on the jobs and details of what to expect and the arrangements of the job. Allen Weaver

  2. John Benton says:

    Allen, I live in Charleston, SC and am looking for the same type of work you are. If you hear anything would you PLEASE call me at 843-730-3792.

  3. Gene Lane says:

    I live in anchorage alaska,i have a hazwoper-1 and a hazwoper superviser card,a twic card and a good drivers license,and a passport,am currently on standby with Penco,if anybody is interested in using me as a hand please call 907-887-6819.I also have a current ADCI cert. Thank You, Gene Lane

  4. Hello My name is Tameisha Freeman. I live in Louisiana and I have worked on the oil spill in Grande Isle Louisiana last year from July to October. I’m very experienced with creditials and I’m willing to do all I can to help. I can be reached by email or at 985-210-8885.

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